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Your Turkish translator will know that Turkish belongs to the family of Turkic languages and is the most widely spoken language of this category. It is spoken by over 63 million people worldwide including speakers located in Turkey, Iraq, Greece, Albania, Kosovo and Cyprus. It is also spoken by the significant number of Turkish immigrants living in Western Europe particularly Germany.

The history of the Turkish language dates back to 1200 years. Many linguists claim that Turkish is also associated with the Altaic Language family and many grammatical similarities can be found between Turkish and the other languages in this category.

A knowledgeable Turkish interpreter will know that the first relics of Turkish fond in Modern day Mongolia date back to the 7th century. However since then the language has gone through significant changes particularly after the advent and proliferation of Islam in the region the language took on a distinct Persian and Arabic feel with words borrowed from both languages. The Turkish spoken today is a direct descendant of Ottoman Turkish. It is also not unusual to see many English words related to technology and sciences being used in Turkish.

Native English speakers face difficulties in mastering the various consonant sounds and their rules. For instance there are many consonant that are in a complimentary distribution with other consonants. Each group corresponds to a certain group of vowels However, there is no rule governing the distribution of these phonemes so a speaker can never be sure which consonant should be paired which vowel. Turkish is also characterized by the absence of diphthongs and vowel harmony.

It is common to use affixes to create new words in Turkish. The language is agglutinative. Since each affix adds to the meaning of the word it is not unusual to see a word with 22-30 alphabets. The language has 5 tenses and 4 moods. The standard dialect is Istanbul Turkish. The other dialects are at a regional level


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