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Get your Polish translator here.  Polish is the national language of Poland and is by far the most popular of the western Slavic group of languages. It belongs to the Indo European family of languages and is very close to Slovak and Russian. It is spoken by more than 50 million people world wide. Besides the population of Poland the immigrant Polish communities in countries like USA and Australia.

Your Polish translator will understand that Polish belongs to the West Slavic group of languages. Historically it was developed as a language used by the Slavic tribes. However the language has undergone a significant change since then to the extent that the older version can only be understood with the help of reference texts.

The Polish translation uses the Polish alphabet which is a modified version of the Latin alphabets with the inclusion of diacritics. A few alphabets can be represented in more than one written form. Polish has a high degree of declension like the old Slavic case system. There are seven cases for the declension of nouns, pronouns and adjectives. The other complicated aspect of the language is its complicated gender formations with 5 classes. The word order is Polish is quite fluid with no rigid formations like the ones in English. English speakers have to master a good number of non English sounds which form a part of Polish. The language does not have articles.

The Polish interpreter understands that the language has borrowed many words from various European languages like Latin, Czech, German, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian. The notable Polish dialects are the ones spoken in the western areas of Poland called Greater Polish, the one spoken in the southeast and south called Lesser Polish, the dialect used in the central and eastern regions of the country called Mazovian and to a lesser extent the one spoken in the south western parts called Silesian.

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