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Frequently legal translation and legal interpreter work for courts and law firms require expertise in the subject matter as well as formal training and a qualification.  We offer the option of legal interpreters and legal translators with certification.  Whether you require  an interpreter for work at your law office or at court, or you require an accurate legal document translation, call us to discuss your translator, translation or interpreter needs. We offer a variety of certified legal translators.  By using a foreign language interpreter or language translator you will help protect the rights of those individuals who need effective communication.

sworn interpreter legalSworn Interpreters

A sworn interpreter is sworn to truly interpret all questions and answers given in the court proceeding as directed by the judge.  While some courts to provide interpreters, many law firms opt to use a legal interpreter and legal document translator in preparation of their case.  For example, we can assist you with an interpreter for a deposition.  We suggest that a language interpreter is used in any case where it is required for effective communication. 
Certification of interpreters is different in different parts of the country.  Many court interpreters are certified through membership in the National Consortium for State Court Interpreter Certification. The consortium provides standardized tests for certifying court foreign language interpreters which allows the court to maintain a consistent, high quality level of service for its non-English speaking constituents.

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